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About BigBusiness Roofing LLC

we know that small businesses don't cut the check when it comes to making money as far as being in the green when making profits even though this sounds a bit confusing what I mean is that you need a bigger business so that you make more money and you'll yield more of a networth. One of the things that we do was help small companys grow into larger companies which and return helps the company succeed because as you might already know most small businesses fail.

Our History

we have started since 1997 under different fictitious names because we had several different legal issues that we have to take care of because of the fact that we could use certain names which the French on other companies trademarks:

1997 - we started the company from the ground up and we've been maintaining it ever since.

1998 - 2000 - during the short span this company has grew tremendously to the heights that we've never expected or ever seen before.

2000 - 2003 - despite financial downturns we managed to keep the company alive and kicking which is one of the best traits that any striving company can achieve.

2003 - 2008 - we don't take any shortcuts but we make sure that we give you everything you need to succeed.

2008 - one of the reasons why we love our company is that it was able to survive the recession without being touched not even the slightest bit...

Our Team

  • John WatsonPresident and a big boss

    The head honcho in charge who keeps his business alive without much trouble whatsoever he's a very knowledgeable guy who has been in this industry for so long that he's probably old in Jesus.
  • Sam CohenVice president

    iI the vice president of the company which oversees all the changes of the companies and help expand the company's to extreme means that some have never seen.
  • Jane MiklyePersonal assistant

    Jane is the girl that keeps everyone organized and in order and informs us about all that important things that needs to be taken care of for today and even throughout the week.

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